About Us

Australian Architectural Fire Doors Pty Ltd is a family owned, Brisbane based, fire door and metal frame manufacturer.

Also known as “AAFD” we pride ourselves in producing high quality products and the expertise of our staff throughout all aspects of the business.   With multiple staff members holding over 25 years of experience in the fire protection industry our company is capable of servicing all your fire protection needs.

Australian Architectural Fire Doors has a manufacturing facility which is capable of satisfying most issues within the fire protection industry.
When you engage Australian Architectural Fire Doors in your project you can rest assured that all relevant regulations are adhered to and all relevant licences and insurances are current.

We are a Queensland based company with a long history of supplying quality doors to the commercial building industry. This includes;
Servicing the construction industry relating to passive fire protection for all forms of buildings, enabling Australian standards and Queensland legislation to be met to the highest standard.

Providing consultation to the industry regarding passive fire protection requirements within new construction, as well as bringing existing buildings up to relevant standards.

Ensuring that all work is carried out to the highest level of professionalism, achieving top level satisfaction to our valued clients.

Delivering these services within a reasonable cost level, enabling contractors and or building owners to achieve Certification with cost effectiveness.