Metal Door Frames

AAFD produce a large variety of metal door frames. Fire rated and non-rated options are produced and frames can be supplied in an optional flat pack form. Please Click here for more information.

Fire Doors and non-rated Doors

AAFD produce a large variety of fire and non-rated doors. Utilising our manufacturing facility, AAFD can design and produce to suit your specific needs including special door veneers, finishes, vision panel & air grille options. Fire rated and non-rated. Please click here for more information.

Fire Rated Hardware

AAFD can supply all Fire and non-rated Hardware to suit the Australian Standard and meet your building's requirements. Please Click here for more information. 

Access Panels

AAFD can supply Fire Rated Access Panels to suit your requirements. For more information contact us on 07 3888 5911.   

Fire Rated Extras

AAFD offer a large range of Fire Rated Extra's including; Metal Cladding, Vision panels, Air Transfer Grilles, Seals, special hinge preps & special veneers. Please Click here for more information.    

Fire Door Installation

AAFD can offer Fire Door Installation as part of your fire door package. AAFD door hangers are experienced in installation of Fire Doors and guarantee that your Fire Doors satisfy the Australian Standard. Please Click here for more information on door installation.