Fire Doors and non-rated doors

Australian Architectural Fire Doors manufacture a large variety of fire doors, non rated doors and metal clad doors. Utilising our manufacturing facility we can design and produce to suit your specific needs including special door veneers and finishes.

Fire rated doors are of special construction and need to be fitted with fire tested components including closers, latching hardware, and fire-rated glass view windows. These doors protect the opening created in the "fire wall" which separates areas within the building to slow down the spread of smoke and flame between these areas such as a fire escape.

Our fire doors use a mineral material called E-core, and can be manufactured to a 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour or 4 hour fire rating. With our manufacturing precision, customers receive the highest quality fire doors.  Our packaging and transport methods assure that our products remain in tact and ready for installation. 

All our doors can meet customer requirements including the need for vision panels, return air grilles, bolection moulding, conduit for electric locks, rebating for architectural seals, meeting stiles, supply of all architectural hardware.

All our doors are manufactured to current Australian Standards.

Please refer to our fire door installation guide (link) to ensure that your doors are installed correctly and in accordance with the Australian standards.

(Ordering Procedure)

When ordering doors, AAFD requires

  1. Door sizes
  2. Door thickness
  3. Hour rating
  4. Internal or external
  5. Door finish
  6. Special Reinforcing
  7. Order Reference Details

Special note: All door hardware fitted to AAFD fire doors, must be tested and approved.

If you are not certain that the door hardware you are fitting to the AAFD fire door is tested and approved, please contact our sales team on Ph: 07 3888 5911