Fire Doors

Product Overview

Australian Architectural Fire Doors manufacture a large variety of fire doors. Utilising our manufacturing facility, we have the ability to custom design and produce fire doors tailored to your specific requirements.

Fire Door Sets are required & designed to protect openings created in fire rated walls. Our tested systems, slow down the spread of smoke and flames by compartmenting areas within a building. Our fire doors are constructed using a mineral material known as Vermiculite Monolithic Refractory Core and can be engineered to achieve fire ratings of 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, or 4 hours.

Fire Door Sets are of special construction and need to be fitted with fire tested components including closers, latching hardware, and secondary speed limiting device.


  • Vermiculite monolithic refractory core
  • Internal Timber edge strips
  • Metal reinforcement to all hardware locations
  • Door skin/face available in a variety of material


  • STD (Ply And MDF)
  • LI Door Protection HPL
  • Metal (mild steel, aluminium, colour bond)


  • Hinged
  • Pivot
  • Sliding
  • Single & Pair


  • Mini = 37mm thick - residential
  • Maxi = 47mm thick – commercial

Hardware & Seals

Fire door sets are supplied standard with tested and approved
fire rated hardware and seal combinations.

  • Locksets
  • Door Closers
  • Door Strike shields
  • Head latches
  • Sequence selectors
  • Door stops
  • Architectural seals
  • Stainless steel lettering & numbering
  • Door signage
  • Intumescent Perimeter Seals
  • Bottom Seals
  • Automatic bottom Seals
  • Meeting Stile Seals


Fire-rated extras" typically refer to additional components and features
integrated into buildings to enhance their fire resistance and safety measures.
These extras are designed to meet specific fire-rated standards and regulations.
AAFDs fire-rated extras include

  • Metal Cladding
  • Fire Rated Vision Panels
  • Air Transfer Grilles
  • Acess Panels

For more information please visit our “hardware & extras” page using the link
at the bottom of the page

Australian Standards

Fire Doors are a crucial safety component in constructions. They undergo
rigorous testing to ensure they provide effective fire resistance,
protecting lives and property. Complying with Australian standards
guarantees that these architectural fire doors deliver the highest level of
performance and reliability in emergency situations.

All Australian Architectural Fire Doors are manufactured to meet current
Australian Standards.

Please refer to our fire door installation guide to ensure that your doors
are installed correctly and in accordance with the Australian standards.

Manufacturing Quality

ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management Systems
ISO 45001 Certified Safety Management Systems
ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management Systems
ISO 26000 Certified Corporate Responsible Business

Custom Manufacture

With our commitment to precision manufacturing, we ensure that our customers receive fire doors of the highest quality.

Our doors can be customized to meet specific customer requirements, including the addition of vision panels, return air grilles, bolection molding, conduit for electric locks, rebating for architectural seals, meeting stiles, and the provision of all necessary architectural hardware.

Facilities & Equipment:

Door Facility

  • Flat bed router for dedicated core cutting
  • 2023 3mt Wall Saw
  • 2023 5 Daylight door press
  • Secondary 4 Daylight door press
  • Two back up cold presses
  • Beam saw for trimming doors
  • Back up 4-Axis router for door trimming

Frame Facility

  • 2023 Flatbed 6 KW laser
  • 3 Brake Presses
  • 7 Dedicated welding bays
  • Dedicated Backfilling area
  • Newly refurbished 30 m2 Spray Booth

Specialty Shops

  • 2023 5-Axis Router complete with ABS attachment
  • Backup 2020 5-Axis Router
  • 2022 Edge Bander for timber edge strips
  • 200 m2 area specifically for value added product
    such as metal clads and vision panels


With nearly 3 acres of manufacturing under roof, we have the best people and facilities.


It is a requirement that all Fire Doors are to be installed in accordance with the Australian Standards. Australian Architectural Fire Doors are a trained & BCC Licenced company that can offer Sliding Fire Door installation, satisfying all requirements. Please refer to our fire door installation guide to ensure that your doors are installed correctly and in accordance with the Australian standards.


Fire doors must undergo rigorous testing and inspection processes to confirm their ability to withstand fire and smoke, protecting lives and property. Compliance with Australian Standards is vital. It is a requirement that all Fire Doors are to be installed in accordance with the Australian Standards. AAFD provide approved Fire Door systems & accredited certification.

Maintenance Requirements:

Building owners and operators must adhere to maintenance requirements, as stipulated in AS1851, at a minimum, to ensure the effective operation of the system in emergency situations

1. Routine Testing: Fire doors should be tested regularly to ensure they operate as intended. This may include periodic checks of the door's closing mechanism, seals, and alarms.

2. Repairs and Upkeep: Any damaged or malfunctioning components should be promptly repaired or replaced to maintain the door's fire resistance.

3. Annual Inspection: Certified professional to conduct an annual inspection to ensure that the door complies with fire safety codes and regulations.

4. Documentation: Maintaining records of inspections,

Ordering Procedure

When ordering doors, AAFD requires

Door sizesDoor thicknessHour RatingInternal or ExternalDoor FinishSpecial ReinforcingOrder Reference Details

Click here to view our technical sheet for Fire Door Sets

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