Fire Door Certification

AAFD's certification service is specifically crafted to instill confidence in our clients and building certifiers, regarding the adherence to Australia’s standards.

Our licensed team of certifiers conduct inspections of each fire door system, ensuring compliance.

Once a system is deemed acceptable to Australian Standards AAFD provide certification documents & apply certified door tags to fire door sets.


AAFD's fire door certification strictly adheres to AS1905, the nationally recognized standard for fire door certification.

By following this standard, AAFD ensures that fire doors are assessed against the highest safety benchmarks, ensuring optimal protection against fire hazards

Digital Report with Photographic Evidence

Transparency and accountability are vital when it comes to fire door inspections. AAFD's certification service includes a comprehensive digital report that offers detailed information about each fire door inspected.

This report not only includes the location and condition of the fire doors but also incorporates photographic evidence, providing visual documentation of the doors' condition during the inspection.

Benefits of AAFD's Certification Service

Compliance Assurance

AAFD's certification service gives building owners and manager’s peace of mind, knowing that their fire doors are compliant with AS1905.

Enhanced Safety

By ensuring the effectiveness of fire doors, AAFD's certification service helps safeguard occupants and property from the devastating effects of fire incidents.

Documentation and Record-Keeping

The digital report and photographic evidence provided by AAFD serve as a valuable record for future reference, aiding in ongoing maintenance and inspections.

Expertise and Professionalism

AAFD's team consists of qualified fire door specialists who possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to conduct thorough inspections and provide accurate certifications.

Peace of Mind

With AAFD's fire door certification, stakeholders can have confidence that their fire doors are reliable and capable of mitigating the risks associated with fire emergencies.

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