Door Imaging


Discover a innovative digital measuring method that transforms door precision. Our door imaging technique utilizes a calibrated wand to survey door frames, capturing digital measurements with unmatched accuracy. This survey also assesses the frame for square and wind as well as providing a two-dimensional representation of the frame reveal.

This information is used to machine doors in factory, using proprietary technology to produce a custom leaf complete with hardware preparations.


A tradesman fits the imaged door into its allocated frame opening on site complete with hardware & accessories.

This method encourages consistent high quality door sets to be achieved across projects, and requires less trade works to be performed on site.

AAFD holds the expertise, technology & plant machinery to offer this method on your project.

 for Installation
  • More efficient
  • Cleaner. Less machining means less mess, particularly MDF dust.

  • Safer. Less machining and dust means fewer workplace injuries.

  • Superior machining finish of door and hardware preps.

  • Consistency (key to achieving compliance).

  • Imaging report identifying frame installations outside of standard industry tolerances.

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