Acoustic Doors

Product Overview

Acoustic doors are essential in establishing and preserving serene, noise-free environments.
Australian Architectural Fire Doors have developed the "SoundPro" Series of Acoustic Door Sets.
Meticulously crafted and engineered to reduce or entirely impede the transmission of sound and vibrations between distinct areas.
SoundPro door sets are offered in a variety of RW (weighted sound reduction) ratings.

Key Benefits

  • Available in a range of RW ratings
  • Fire Rating of up to 2 hrs
  • Available in wide variety of finishes
  • Ability to include glazing aperture
  • Up to 50% lighter than other acoustic doors
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 certification
  • Independently measured under Australian Standards

SoundPro Acoustic Door Sets

For spaces where fire rating is not a requirement, our acoustic door sets are an excellent choice. This range excels in controlling sound transmission between spaces, making them ideal for schools, offices, meeting rooms, recording studios, and more.
RW Rating:
  • RW35 – SoundPro 35
  • RW40 – SoundPro 40
  • RW45 – SoundPro 45
  • RW48 – SoundPro 48

SoundPro Fire Rated Acoustic Door Sets

Engineered to provide a dual benefit, our fire-rated acoustic doors offer exceptional sound proofing capabilities while also meeting stringent fire safety standards. These doors are constructed using advanced materials that not only minimize noise transmission between rooms but also have a fire-resistant core that can withstand flames, smoke and heat.
RW Rating:
  • RW30 – SoundPro FR 30
  • RW37 – SoundPro FR 37
  • RW39 – SoundPro FR 39
  • RW40 – SoundPro FR 40


Testing & Certification

The SoundPro range of doors are tested in accordance with ISO 10140 and their RW calculated in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 717.1, by NATA accredited Resolute Testing Laboratories.
Door-sets are tested by measuring the drop in sound pressure levels between a source room, containing a loudspeaker, and the receiving room containing a microphone.
Additionally, acoustically rated fire door-sets are also subject to testing under AS1530.4 2005, certification under AS1905.1 2015 and maintenance under AS1851 2012.

Frame, Hardware & Seals

Each door set comprises a compliant door frame along with a specialized set of compliant seals.

*Seals for fire rated acoustic doors do not come as part of the door set

Finishes & Styling

• STD (Ply or MDF)
• Laminate
• Timber Veneer
• Metal (mild steel, aluminium, colour bond)

Vision Panels/ accessories

Vision panels & accessories can be included in your design scope with our tested solutions.


  • Hotels
  • Hospitals & Care Homes
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Factories & Offices
  • Social Housing
  • Public Buildings
  • Cinemas and Music Venues

Factory Backfilled Frames

Backfilling metal frames is a process which entails filling gaps around the internal frame sections with specialised materials, such as intumescent
compounds. It is an effective method used in acoustic doorsets to reduce the spread of vibration and sound between spaces, and is required on all AAFD acoustic systems.

Australian Standards:

Our range of fire-rated and non-rated acoustic doors, have been tested in accordance with Australian standard AS ISO 354-2006 to ensure that our doors are manufactured to the highest industry standard.
AAFD Satisfy AS 2107-2000 (2000) Australian Building Standards and is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant.
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