Fire Door Inspections
Maintenance & Repairs


AAFD offers comprehensive services for metal door frames, fire rated doors, and hardware. We offer full replacements, regular maintenance and inspection, ensuring that your fire doors are fully compliant, functional, and capable of providing optimal fire protection.




Regular inspections not only enhance safety but also extend the lifespan of your fire doors.

Our certified inspectors meticulously examine door frames, hinges, seals, and closure devices, ensuring they meet industry standards. We also assess signage to guarantee comprehensive compliance.


Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that fire doors continue to perform optimally over time.

Our maintenance services also includes inspections, minor adjustments (preventative maintenance), and repairs to keep your fire rated doors in top condition.

We conduct thorough inspections to identify any issues or potential hazards, allowing us to address them promptly and effectively. We focus on maintaining the integrity of door frames, seals, and hardware, addressing any issues.

Full Scope Replacement Service

When it comes to fire doors, it is crucial to have a properly installed and functioning system in place.

Our experienced team offers full replacement services for metal door frames, fire rated doors, and associated hardware.

We understand the importance of precision and attention to detail during installation, ensuring that the fire door set meets all relevant regulations and standards.

Australian Standards

Fire door inspection and maintenance are essential for ensuring the safety and functionality of fire doors in buildings. AAFD follows Australian inspection standards AS1851 (Australian Standard) and MP6.1.

AS1851 is an Australian Standard that provides guidelines for the routine maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment, including fire doors. It outlines the requirements for inspecting and maintaining fire doors to ensure they meet the necessary safety standards. The standard covers various aspects of fire doors, including their construction, hardware, seals, and signage.

MP6.1 is a document developed and Published by the Department of Local Government and Planning that provides a nationally recognized framework for fire door inspection and maintenance. It aligns with the requirements outlined in AS1851 and provides detailed procedures for conducting fire door inspections, reporting, and record-keeping.

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