Fire Door Installation

BCA (Building Code of Australia) requires that all Fire Doors, be installed in accordance with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1905.1.2015

It is also a requirement in Queensland that a QBCC licensed person or company installs and certifies fire door sets.

Refer below for key points to ensure that doors are installed correctly:

Fire rated door frames must be installed to tested prototype specifications.The sill of the opening shall be of concrete or other non-combustible material.Clearances between door and frame at the head and the stiles are to be generally no more than 3mm. The clearance between the finished floor level to the bottom of the door should not exceed 10mm. If it is not practical to adhere to these tolerances please refer to your representative before proceeding.All door hardware (locks, closers etc.) fitted to fire doors must be tested and approved. If in doubt check with your A.A.F.D. representative.A maximum of 6mm can be trimmed from all edges. If more is required a special sized door should be ordered.Special attention should be taken to ensure that door is hung the correct way. E Core fire doors contain reinforcing plates specially prepared within the door to accept hinges, lock and door closer. The doors are stamped at the top hinge stile with the words “top hinge” and the fire rating of the door.We recommend the use of 35mm x 4.91mm (10# gauge) self tapping screws for fixing the closer and the hinges to the door leaf. A pilot hole of 4mm (5/32”) must be prepared in the door prior to screws being fastened.When using knob handles with approved locksets a minimum 127mm back set is required.On completion of installation, all fire door sets must have prescribed metal tags affixed & certified to AS 1905.1 2015, Certification is not included in the sale price of fire doors.If you require anymore information or are unsure on any of the above matters, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 07 3888 5911.

Please note: These are minimum recommendations only for side hung hinged doors. For further information on special doors e.g. Sliding Fire Doors, Two Way Swing Doors etc, please contact our sales team on (07) 3888 5911.

Failure to comply with the above, may result in the fire door being non-compliant and therefore certification can not be issued, warranty may also be void.

Important Information:

State Legislation, Building Regulations and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations require building owners to maintain the fire doors in their buildings in good operating condition.

Australian Standard AS1851:2012, sets out the minimum requirements for the regular maintenance of fire doors.

* Inspection Programs, Every 6 or 12 months from date of certification by a licensed QBCC company or individual.

AS 1851.2012 stipulates that the fire doors must be regularly inspected and the log book & schedule of evidence must be kept up to date and that prior to the commencement of each inspection the owner or occupier shall furnish the inspector with the log book / schedule of evidence.

The building owner has a duty of care to ensure that the lives of the building occupants and the property within the building are protected. Failure to maintain safety equipment is a breach of duty of care and the law in Queensland.

Australian Architectural Fire Doors - Door Inspection and Maintenance Service can assist building owners meet the requirements of the various regulations.

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