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Fire Asset Maintenance, Inspection and Certification.

Don’t let damaged or non compliant Fire Systems jeopardise the safety of your building and its occupants!  Inglis Fire and Safety in partnership with Australian Architectural Fire Doors service commercial and residential buildings in Queensland.

As buildings come into service and start to age, systems may become damaged, worn or altered, which may jeopardise the performance of these systems in the event of a Fire. Regulatory authorities recognise this and have made it mandatory that Fire Services are tested regularly and maintained to ensure they will perform their required function at all times.

Inglis Fire and Safety offer a maintenance and testing service to ensure systems are fit for purpose.  All testing, repairs, installation and certification is conducted in accordance with the Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards and local Legislative requirements. Australian Standard AS1851-2005 sets out the mandatory requirements for Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment. Our qualified and BSA licensed staff can advise you on your requirements and prepare a comprehensive plan for your building.

You can sleep easy knowing all work conducted by Inglis Fire and Safety has been carried out correctly and is certified in accordance with the requirements of the relevant codes and Australian Standards.

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