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Fire Rated Vision Panels

Vision panels are typically specified where vision into an adjoining room is required.

The Insulated Vision Panel is a multi-laminated fire resistant glass, assembled with clear intumescent interlayers. In the event of fire, these interlayers expand at around 120 degrees Celsius and

transform into a rigid and opaque fire shield, which enables the glazing to meet the integrity and insulation criteria, according to the Australian Standard 1530.4-2005.

Vision panels are factory fitted and come in a range of rectangular and circular shapes to suit the application.

Maximum Vision Panel Size

A maximum vision size of:

300 mm high and 200 mm wide (rectangular)

450 mm high and 120 mm wide (rectangular)

600 mm high and 100 mm wide (rectangular)

Minimum 150mm clearance must be allowed for vision panel from top and side edges of door leaf.

Other larger sizes are available but to conform to the insulation and radiation requirements of Australian and New Zealand Standards. The maximum vision panel area is restricted to 36,000 mm².

Our vision panels are designed for fire ratings up to 4 hours when tested to Australian and New Zealand standards and are available with Georgian Wired (1 hour) or Robax (4 hours) glass.

Air Transfer Grilles

Grilles to suit 35mm or 45 mm E-Core® single and double (pair) fire doors

Doors finished with treated plywood or steel cladding

A maximum of three grilles (of the same size) can be installed in a door leaf with a minimum spacing of 200 mm between each grille, a minimum of 200 mm from top and bottom edge of door leaf and a minimum110mm from the edges of the leaf

Rebating of Seals

Australian Architectural Fire Doors can supply a range of Fire, Smoke, Sound and Weather Seals to suit your requirements.

We stock the high quality Kilargo range of upgrade solutions for fire resistant doors.

Door seals can overcome frustrating and expensive problems for building owners, building contractors and essential service providers alike. In-situ fire resistant doors (that would otherwise need new and expensive replacements) can now be salvaged using approved fire rated seals.

All fire rated seals are fully tested to AS1530.4 for up to 2 Hours on fire rated door assemblies.

Complies with AS/NZS 1905.1

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